Child Discounts

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More Child Discounts

Share the pleasure of a Monograms vacation with your children and grandchildren and take advantage of the below discounts on the land only price. The land vacation price does not include air between cities (internal air) when applicable. For eligibility, children must meet age requirements on the departure date and must be accompanied by an adult.

Land-only Discounts for Young Travelers

Free of charge:

  • All destinations—Infants under 2 years of age

25% discount:

  • Europe vacations—Children ages 2–11

10% discount:

  • Vacations to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South & Central America, and Africa—Children ages 2-17
  • Europe vacations—Children ages 12-17

Note: Some restrictions apply, as noted in Terms & Conditions. We recommend that children under 12 years of age share accommodations with an adult. To receive the Young Traveler Discount, the age of the traveler must qualify at commencement of service. Young Traveler Discounts are not combinable with any other offer or discount other than the Journeys Club repeat traveler discount.

Terms & Conditions for Young Traveler discounts.