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Meet one of your Local Hosts in Beijing, ChinaMonograms provides travelers access to a Local Host®, so you will have someone on hand to answer those vacation questions pertaining to Beijing. No waiting in line at the concierge desk or trying to ask your waitress at breakfast directions to the shopping district. Simply ask your Local Host about Beijing and you'll be on your way in no time. Plus, your Local Host will share local Beijing insights and share suggestions for getting off the beaten path, leaving you more time to create lasting vacation memories that are yours alone.

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Silk Alley Market

Whether you want to find designer clothing knock-offs or you just want an entertaining afternoon, a visit to this market is recommended. The bustle and searching is part of the fun, as is the bargaining. In fact, you’re expected to haggle and should never take the first (or probably second, or third…) price offered.

Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street in the famous Shichahai area is where traditional Chinese and western culture mix. With over 120 unique bars to choose from, visitors from all corners of the world can find one that suits their fancy.

Zhang Yiyuan Teahouse

Make sure you experience a traditional tea ceremony before you leave Beijing. It’s an opportunity to soak in centuries of history at the same time you relax with a soothing cup. Zhang Yiyuan has earned a reputation over many decades as a purveyor of quality teas, and the building is made up of seven private rooms, offering diverse environs.

Yonghe Lama Temple

Located in the northeastern part of Beijing, Yonghe Lama Temple is one of the largest Lamasery temples outside Tibet. Besides the magnificent buildings with both Chinese and Tibetan styles, the temple also had a number of priceless collections of Buddhist treasures, including a standing 26-meter high statue of Buddha Sakyamuni carved out of a single sandalwood tree.

Houhai Lake

A walk along Houhai Lake offers peaceful views of the distant ancient green-roofed and red-walled imperial palaces. Located at the center of Beijing City and about 5 bus stops from the Tian’anmen Gate, Houhai Lake meets the famous Beihai Lake in the south and faces the Summer Palace and Jing Mountain in the distance.