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What a Local Host Will do for You

    What is a Local Host® and why will I love having one?

    We’ve all experienced it. That uneasy feeling when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place. What’s the best way to get around? Will language be a barrier? What’s the best way to exchange currency? How do I make the best use of my time? Well, worry no more. Not only has Monograms created a package that puts it all together for you, we’ve added your own Local Host, based at your hotel, to help you with all the things that would make ordinary travelers squirm.

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    When will I meet my Host?

    Your Host will be awaiting your arrival at your Monograms hotel (look for the Monograms desk or a friendly face with a Monograms name tag). In most cases, the Host will meet you when you arrive at your hotel from the airport, and can assist you with the check-in process. To be sure you don’t miss the Host, make sure you mention that you’re a Monograms customer when you check in and ask if there is any information waiting for you. Should you arrive at your hotel at an irregular time, or if the Host is occupied with other guests, he or she will have your Destination Guide waiting for you at check in, complete with a local phone number for the Host so that you can arrange a meeting time that suits you.

    What information will my Host have for me?

    Your host has prepared your own Destination Guide. This guide is designed to be a handy on-trip resource for you, like services with recommendations on great things to see and do. Here’s what’s included in your Destination Guide:

    • A welcome letter and contact information
    • Your daily itinerary and schedule
    • His/her lobby hours schedule
    • Information on any pre-booked activities & excursions
    • Information on activities & excursions you can purchase on trip
    • Tips & Helpful Hints, including local transportation, banking and currency, shopping, etc.
    • Local Host Picks—suggestions of things to see and do
    • Transfer information (either to your next city or back to the airport for your return home)

    How does the Host arrange sightseeing?

    Monograms includes city sightseeing, complete with VIP access to the must-see sights. We don’t stand behind the ropes – we go around them! On most Monograms vacations, this sightseeing will take place the morning of Day 2 at your destination. In major cities, this sightseeing is most often by motorcoach or minibus, with certified local guide accompaniment and commentary. In smaller cities, this sightseeing is conducted as a nice walking tour led by your certified local guide. In both cases, there is a set time for the sightseeing departure from your hotel, ensuring that you’ll see and experience the most of your destination.

    How will my Host help me personalize my vacation?

    Your vacation is, well, your vacation. That’s why your Host is ready to help you personalize your package with a selection of optional activities and excursions. You can view or even purchase these before you depart (up to 10 days prior to departure), but if you don’t know which to choose, your Host will be more than happy to help you decide. You can purchase them from your Host on site, and the price will be the same as the pre-purchased option. Note that at your destination, many of these activities require all or partial cash payment and are paid in the local currency, so take that into account in your planning.

    What more can I ask of my Local Host?

    Your Host is a wealth of local information and eager to show off the city! And with the logistics out of the way, you can ask your host for answers instead of help – from history and architecture to local legends and heroes. Of course, he or she will be happy to share their own Local Host Picks as well as recommendations on ways to make the most of your time. Have a special interest? Just let the Host know, and he or she will guide you in the right direction.

    How does it work if I have a Monograms airport transfer?

    Smoothly! A Monograms airport host is awaiting your arrival. Check your documents (Trip Planner) for details on the meeting point, but they are typically positioned outside of the customs/baggage claim area (airports vary, so make sure to check your documents for your arrival airport meeting point). They’ll do their best to be “noticeable,” complete with a Monograms sign (note that in many cases our sister brand, Globus, will also appear on the sign). Once you meet this airport host, they’ll gather any fellow Monograms travelers and take you to the Monograms transportation, which will get you to your hotel. Depending on the city, it’s possible that they have passengers to drop off at another Monograms hotel, as well.

    How does the Host assist with transfers from one city to the next?

    While you’re an independent traveler, you’re not on your own. When it comes to getting from one Monograms destination to the next, this really comes in handy.

    When traveling by train to your next Monograms city, your Host will provide your transfer pick-up time, arranged right from your hotel and will accompany you to the train station ensuring you make your way to the correct train. Your transfer is often by coach or minibus, but in some cases your hotel may be located so close to the train station that it’s more practical to walk. Once sure you’re safely on board with your luggage, bid farewell to this Host and prepare to meet your new Monograms Host, awaiting your arrival at your next Monograms destination.

    When traveling by air to your next Monograms city, your Host will provide your transfer pick-up time, arranged right from your hotel. Though your Host may not accompany you to the airport, you can rest assured your Host has taken care of everything, including drop-off at the terminal.

    How can I contact my Host once I’m on my trip?

    Your Host will provide you with his or her schedule of lobby hours for your stay as well as a local phone number you can use throughout your time in the city.

    In the event of an emergency or on-trip issue, will the Host assist me?

    Of course! Although unlikely, “stuff” does happen. That’s also when a Local Host can be of great value. In the event of an unforeseen event or emergency on-trip, use the Local Host local contact number to get in touch with the Host and ask for assistance. They’ll do their best to get your vacation back on track.

    Is it appropriate to tip my Local Host?

    If you feel that the Host has gone above-and-beyond to make your vacation a "wow," feel free to share your gratitude. A tip is always appreciated for outstanding service. And by the way, thank you!