Machu Picchu Getaway with Pre & Post-Stays in Lima (ISPE)

6 Day Package from Lima to Lima

Monograms has created all-in-one packages a cut above going on your own, while leaving the group behind. Each package comes with hand-selected hotels, plus "they really do that?" service of a Monograms Local Host®-a local expert available throughout your stay. We've arranged sightseeing, exclusive to Monograms guests, complete with VIP access into some of the most incredible attractions (that means you skip the lines). We've arranged transportation and we offer a selection of special excursions. With Monograms, you travel in style independently without going it alone.

Insider Benefits

Monograms is all about connecting you to your destination with unmatched insider guidance and support to make travel a pleasure. With a team of local experts in each destination, your Monograms vacation includes local assistance and tips that only a local would know. In addition to an expertly-planned vacation with great hotels and included sightseeing, Monograms means you'll get the VIP treatment from a team of local insiders who help you put your signature on your vacation.

Arrival & Hotel Transfer

Monograms greets you like a VIP when you arrive at your destination then whisks you off to your hotel with a friendly Monograms operated transfer, complimentary for guests who have purchased their flights through Monograms.

Hotel Check-In

Once you arrive at your hotel, your own Monograms Local Host® is there to greet you, help you get checked in, and share lots of destination insights with you to get your vacation started.


Get an insider's look at the must-see sights with the insight and knowledge of an expert Monograms Local Guide. Delight in the stares of regular tourists as they slide you past the line and right into the doorway with VIP access.

Free Time

Your Monograms Local Host® can provide tips and suggestions and even help you book activities & excursions to make the most of your time at your destination, helping you drink in the local culture in just your style.


What better restaurant recommendations can you find than from a local who knows? From haute cuisine to hidden cafes, from street food to Michelin Stars, your Local Host® can give you the inside scoop on finding your favorite fare.

MonogramsGO App

To help you feel even more comfortable in your destination, Monograms offers access to our MonogramsGO app where guests can check flight, hotel and transfer information and customize their trip with a host of local suggestions.

City Connections

When your vacation includes traveling from one city to another, we'll get you to your train or plane, stress free with door-to-gate service. Your local Monograms team awaits your arrival at your next destination.

Activities & Excursions

Monograms offers a range of amazing experiences you can add to your trip, vetted by our team and perfectly coordinated with your Monograms package. Add them before you leave or on trip with the help of your Local Host®.

Airport Departure

Parting is such sweet sorrow. When you've explored all that you can explore and it's time to head home, your Local Host® will ensure a smooth departure, on time and on point, stress-free.

Your Local Host

What is the Role of a Local Host?

Monograms provides travelers access to a Local Host®, so you will have someone on hand to answer those vacation questions pertaining to Lima. No waiting in line at the concierge desk or trying to ask your waitress at breakfast directions to the shopping district. Simply ask your Local Host about Lima and you'll be on your way in no time. Plus, your Local Host will share local Lima insights and share suggestions for getting off the beaten path, leaving you more time to create lasting vacation memories that are yours alone.

Local Host Recommendations

Meet One of Your Local Hosts

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Hello my name is Julio Castro and for many years I worked in the Sales Department of a very large International Corporation. There it was always emphasized that we were not supposed to create satisfied customers because that was not enough. What we were required to do was to produce ONLY delighted customers and that has been my personal philosophy ever since. I am eager to show the many wondrous and beautiful features of Lima, Peru with our guests.


In Cusco


Buffet breakfast daily; 2 lunches

Day-By-Day 2021 / 2022 / 2023

With Monograms, we handle the details so you can focus on the sights, experience new cultures and new destinations. From arranging the right hotels and seamless transportation to providing your own Local Host® and included sightseeing, we've thought of-and included-everything you need in an all-in-one package.

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Local Host



Welcome to Lima. Heralded as the “City of Kings” by Spanish conquistadors, Lima retains vestiges of its opulent past with its colonial buildings and world-class museums.

Your Local Host will be available to provide you with recommendations while on vacation to help you make the most out of your free time.

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Fly to Cusco where you will be met by your Local Host. (Please arrive no later than 11 am.) Together, embark on a private tour into the Urubamba Valley and the Sacred Valley of the Incas for lunch. Visit the market town of Pisac, where you can buy handmade rugs, alpaca sweaters, and jewelry at bargain prices. At the other end of the valley, visit Ollantaytambo to see some of the finest examples of Inca masonry. Stay overnight in the Sacred Valley.

Breakfast Breakfast

Your Local Host will be available to provide you with recommendations while on vacation to help you make the most out of your free time.

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This morning, transfer to the Ollanta train station where you will board the Vistadome Train. Embark on a short journey through the lush Urubamba Valley to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of the mountain where Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas,” is located. Upon arrival, transfer to a motorcoach for the ascent to the legendary ruins high above the steep valley overlaid with dense tropical jungle. On a guided tour, explore this intact fortress with its temple remains, holy houses, and mile-long aqueduct. Your Local Guide will bring you closer to the lives and mysteries still hidden in these amazing structures built by the Pre-Columbian masters of this sacred land. Later this afternoon, return by train to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas.

Breakfast Breakfast

Your Local Host will be available to provide you with recommendations while on vacation to help you make the most out of your free time.

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Enjoy a full day at leisure to explore the city of Cusco. Perhaps take an optional walking tour to learn more about the Incas and their struggle against invading Spaniards. Visits include the imposing Cathedral and the Inca Temple of the Sun, Koricancha, which became the Spaniards’ Santo Domingo Monastery.

Breakfast Breakfast

Excursions Available:

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Pre-Columbian Art Museum

Price: Starting From: $74/person

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Pre-Columbian Art Museum

Alternative excursion image

Visit the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, an extraordinary historic monument in Cusco that displays the arts of ancient Peruvian cultures.

Excursion image

Dinner at Incanto Restaurant

Price: Starting From: $78/person

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Dinner at Incanto Restaurant

Alternative excursion image

Head to this landmark location in the heart of Cusco for an extraordinary dinner.

Excursion image

Cusco Walking Tour

Price: Starting From: $45/person

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Cusco Walking Tour

Alternative excursion image

Take a guided walking tour of Cusco and learn about the Inca and Spanish influence on the city.

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Fly to Lima, where the remainder of the day is at your leisure.

Breakfast Breakfast

Excursions Available:

Excursion image

Larco Herrera Museum & Dinner

Price: Starting From: $90/person

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Larco Herrera Museum & Dinner

Alternative excursion image

Visit the Larco Herrera Museum for a tour followed by dinner in the museum's gardens.

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Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.

Breakfast Breakfast

Your Local Host will be available to provide you with recommendations while on vacation to help you make the most out of your free time.

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From City-to-City

When your vacation includes traveling from one city to another, your local Monograms team makes it an absolute breeze! We'll get to your train or plane, stress free and on time with door-to-gate service. And your local Monograms team awaits your arrival as soon as you pull into your next destination.

As outlined in the day-by-day itinerary and private airport transfers to/from intra-vacation flights; intra-vacation flights not included.


Monograms offers an impressive choice of hotels pre-selected for their location, amenities and service. When booking your package check to see what other hotels are available for your dates. Some hotels may not be available for this package.

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Sacred Valley


Magic Water Circuit

Magic Water Circuit is located at Lima’s Reserve Park, where monumental fountains, laser lights and music are melded in spectacular displays. You will see more than 10 fascinating fountains. It’s the biggest water circuit in the world (a Guinness World Record). (Available from Tuesday to Sunday.)

Huaca Pucllana

Magic Water Circuit is located at Lima’s Reserve Park, where monumental fountains, laser lights and music are melded in spectacular displays. You will see more than 10 fascinating fountains. It’s the biggest water circuit in the world (a Guinness World Record). (Available from Wednesday to Sunday.)

Pedro de Osma Museum

This museum, located in Barranco, has one of the best painting collections in Peru with pieces dating back to the 16th century. The paintings from well-known artists are on linen cloth, metal, wood, glass and leather. Antique pieces of furniture, silver, sculptures and textiles are also part of the collection. The base for the Museum Pedro de Osma came from the personal collection formed by Don Pedro de Osma Gildemeister between 1936 and 1967. He had remarkable knowledge of the Peruvian art and gradually gathered various exquisite objects dating from the 16th to the 19th centurycenturies. All the pieces were kept in the large family house in Barranco, arranged in a tight exhibition in the (style of the European palace museums in of the 19th century).

Real Felipe fortress

The fortress was built in 1747 to protect the port from pirates and was the last Spanish bastion during the independence of Peru. Today, it houses an interesting military museum.

Bodega and Quadra Museum

This museum is located in downtown Lima and exhibits pieces of the culture of Lima, Inca and Chancay that took place during the colonial and republican period.

Rafael Larco Herrera Museum

The world’s largest collection of pre-Columbian art is housed in this museum. Marvel at the 45,000 pieces of ceramics, textiles, and jewelry from the Moche Dynasty.


For a bite on the run, this gourmet market is the place to go. Grab a salad or sandwich to go, or if you have the time, linger over the passion fruit tart in the café.

Canta Rana

Peru is famous for its ceviche—a dish of seafood marinated in citrus juices and served with roasted corn and onions. Canta Rana serves some of the best in Lima.


For handicrafts made in Peru, this shop in Miraflores offers a unique collection of weavings, ceramics, and silver.

La Posada del Mirador

Peru’s most famous cocktail is the Pisco Sour, made from Pisco, a regional grape brandy. You can enjoy one on the garden patio of this watering hole in the Barranco neighborhood. Occupying an old house overlooking the ocean, the setting is as great as the drink.

Barrio Chino

This neighborhood in Lima holds South America’s largest Chinese community. Visit any number of the neighborhood’s chifas for Chinese cuisine with a Peruvian twist.

Caballero de Fina Estampa

You can’t visit Lima without seeing at least one peña—a show at a criollo music club with inspiring vocal and dance performances. This criollo club, named after a famous Peruvian song, offers a terrific show.

Miraflores Jogging Path

It’s difficult to maintain your exercise routine on vacation. It’s even more difficult in a traffic-heavy city like Lima. The biking and jogging paths along the malecón in Miraflores offer a great way to get some exercise and see the city at the same time.

Country Club Lima Hotel

Experience the grandeur of this 1927 hacienda-style hotel. Enjoy afternoon tea under the light of elegant chandeliers as a pianist offers enjoyable background music.

Museo De La Nacion

Enjoy the National Museum, where impressive halls exhibit the most important aspects in the development of ancient Peru. Exhibits include replicas of archaeological sites, engravings and dioramas, and an extensive collection of ancient material.

Pachacamac Pilgrimage Center

Built around 700 AD as a temple for the worship of the sun god Pachacamac, it housed an oracle that is believed to be one of the main pilgrimage centers in pre-Columbian Peru and on a par with Cuzco. Pilgrims flocked here from far away to worship Pachacamac, who was believed to be the creator of the world and its creatures. The site includes palaces, plazas, and temples that have been painstakingly restored. The on-site museum has a collection of local relics.


Every major city has its bohemian district—where all the artists and musicians hang out—and for Lima, this district is Barranco. The advantage of Barranco is that it combines all this with being a fashionable beach resort too. Originally a playground and place to spend the summer for the old aristocracy of Lima, the district is a cluster of houses, shops, and restaurants in and around a ravine near a cliff overlooking the beach. In Barranco, it is relatively easy to find a place to sip a coffee or a beer while enjoying a fine view over the ocean.

Islas Palomino

Sail to the islands of Callao. First see the yachts, warships, and merchant ships at anchor in Callao Bay. Then sail over "El Camotal" into the open sea, and observe sunken and stranded ships. Pass the Isle of San Lorenzo—with its long history going back to pre-Columbian times. There are fishing boats at work and many colonies of sea birds and Humboldt penguins. The farthest point on the trip is Palomino Island, home to a large number of seals and sea lions. In a wetsuit, you can swim among them, as they have no predators—it is an unforgettable and emotional moment. Then start your voyage back through impressively shaped islets and rocks.

Hacienda Mamacona

No more than 25 km to the south of Lima is a little-known hacienda where you can experience nature on the coast, ancestral customs, links with the Inca past, and the incomparable Peruvian paso horse. (Only on Sundays.)

Astrid Y Gaston

This warm and chic modern, colonial dining room is hidden discreetly on a busy side street leading to Parque Central in the Miraflores district. The restaurant has high, white-peaked ceilings and orange walls decorated with colorful modern art—the products of local art students. At the back is an open kitchen, where one of the owners, Gastón, can be seen cooking with his staff. The place is sophisticated but low-key—a description that could fit most of its clients, who all seem to be regulars. The menu might be called "criollo-Mediterranean" with a light Peruvian touch.

Sacred Valley

Hike to Mandor Waterfall (Aguas Calientes)

On this perfect nature walk, you might encounter butterflies and birds, even orchids at the right time of year. A private nature reserve located 4km from Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes), where you can walk into bio diverse gardens to learn and enjoy. You’ll understand and appreciate the restoration, conservation and preservation of the habitat of hundreds of species of flora and fauna in a vulnerable state, due to many factors such as climate change and human impact.

Paso Horse Show

The Peruvian Paso horse has been bred in this region for centuries and they are known for their smooth gait even while traversing the terraced landscape of the Sacred Valley. At Wayra Ranch in the Sacred Valley, see a demonstration on these beautiful horses and traditional folkloric dances performed with the horses. You can even take a quick ride on one of the horses if you are adventurous!

Alpaca Shopping

Peru is known for its Alpaca wool so you really can’t go home without any. Many vendors in Peru will try to sell you what you believe to be 100% alpaca, but you can rest assured that the sweaters, scarves, and blankets at “Alpaca’s Best” are the real deal.

Tipon Ruins

Tipon is an important set of Inca ruins known for its excellent hydraulic engineering work and it is composed by an agricultural group of platforms with long steps and ducts elaborated in limestone. This impressive system of irrigation is still used in agriculture. Some of the fountains in Tipon have ceremonial purposes. Tipon is considered an Inca temple dedicated to the water cult. This is also a great spot to try Cuy, a traditional Incan meal of guinea pig.

Maras Salt Mines

Definitely a must see in the Sacred Valley are the salt mines. A stroll through and you’ll be amazed at how the Incas built this maze of hand-made channels that divert saltwater springs into the exposure of the sun. Once the water evaporates, the salt is collected to be sold – an ancient old tradition still in use today. Beyond the engineering, the views from the mines are breathtaking!


Quinta Eulalia

Cusco’s version of the sidewalk café is the quinta—an open-air restaurant with affordably priced Peruvian fare. Quinta Eulalia is Cusco’s oldest quinta, and it offers a little history with a lot of food.

Restaurante Illary

Restaurante Illary offers a fine-dining experience in the Hotel Monasterio. Savor the alpaca tenderloin in the sacred setting of this former monastery.

Alpaca’s Best

Many will try to sell you what you believe to be 100% alpaca, but you can rest assured that the sweaters, scarves, and blankets at this shop are the real deal.

Carlos Chaquiras

Handmade silver jewelry is an excellent purchase in Cusco. If you want to know the name behind your special find, purchase a piece from this local craftsman.

Café Ayllu

This bustling coffee shop is famous for its ponche de leche, a beverage made with milk and a shot of pisco, and its lenguas, a flaky pastry with a crème filling.

Barrio de San Blas

If you can make the steep walk from the Plaza de Armas to this charming neighborhood, you won’t regret it. Panoramic views of the city can be seen outside the artists’ workshops that line the streets of this picturesque area.

Artesanías Mendivil

There are many handicraft shops in Cusco. This one is known internationally for its saint figures with elongated necks.

Museum of Popular Art

Founded in 1937, this museum houses an interesting collection of masks and other carved items. Its most interesting display is its large collection of dolls.


Cusco may be the gateway to Machu Picchu, but there are smaller ruins you shouldn’t miss. Water still flows over a system of complicated canals at this amazing site—also known as the Inca Baths.

Inka Museum

Raised on Inca foundations by Admiral Aldrete Maldonado in the early-17th century, this home has a magnificent baroque doorway emblazoned with the admiral’s coat of arms, a large arched patio, and salons with coffered ceilings. It exhibits keros (carved ceremonial goblets), weavings, mummies, and silver and gold figurines, as well as Inca weapons, tools, and ceramics.


Enjoy this area where South American camelidae are bred. Learn about the superb fibers that come from llamas, alpacas, and vicunas. Also learn about the ancient weaving techniques, which are still in use.

Seminario Ceramic Studio - Urubamba

Pablo Seminario has been dedicated to the discovery of the techniques and design from ancient Peruvian cultures. Mr. Seminario presents a new art expression providing continuity to these cultural inheritances.


Enjoy this pretty town 35 km (1 hour) from Cusco along the paved highway to Puno. Its unique church, San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, is the biggest attraction for visitors.

Incanto Restaurant

Located a few meters off the Main Square of the fascinating city of Cusco in an old Inca palace, the new Incanto is definitely worth a visit. Welcoming and contemporary, its varied menu contains more than 80 dishes. The restaurant offers Italian food, pasta, and various specialties from the grill cooked with an original touch and Peruvian ingredients.


On the second floor of a colonial-era townhouse, this restaurant has a unique personality. La Panaderia serves gourmet breakfasts with breads straight out of the oven. The tapas bar is a perfect relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas. The main dining room offers an unforgettable fusion of Mediterranean dishes made with Andean ingredients.

ChocoMuseum Workshop

Learn about the history of the Cacao and the chocolate, the Cacao’s tree and its small chocolate factory where the products are made. Enjoy a workshop in the Museum: Roasting of the cacao beans, cacao husk removal, grinding of the cacao nibs on a metate with a mano (the way the Aztecs did) or with a batang (like Incas here in Peru), refining and conching of the cacao paste in a melangeur.

Tipon and Piquillacta

Tipon is important for its excellent hydraulic engineering work and it is composed by an agricultural group of platforms with long steps and ducts elaborated in limestone. This impressive system of irrigation is still used in agriculture. Some of the fountains in Tipon must have ceremonial purposes. Tipon is considered an Inca temple dedicated to the water cult.

Piquillacta is a national archaeological park with landscapes of great interest. This archaeological Pre-Inca citadel was one of the most spectacular regional centers of the Wari culture. The constructions of Piquillacta are composed by more than 700 structures displayed in a harmonious and symmetric way, with different buildings that should have sheltered a population of about ten thousand people.

Mandor waterfall

It’s located one hour by walking from Aguas Calientes; find lots of butterflies and birds, and maybe even orchids at the right time of year.

Casa Concha Museum

Located in Cusco city, the exhibition of over 360 archaeological pieces from Machu Picchu that were recently returned by the U.S. Yale University will be held at the newly-renovated Casa Concha. You will be able to appreciate ceramics, stone and metal objects, fragments of bones as well as a nearly complete skeleton of a male between 23 and 25 years.

Train Tranvia

A tranvia is a vehicle designed to look like the old mule-pulled streetcars that once traversed Cusco. It offers sightseeing through the main streets in Cusco and visits 40 different places in Cusco city.

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